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Data Loss is always an Emergency

CBL is Singapore's largest and most successful provider of expert data recovery laboratory services. CBL recognizes your need for a quick resolution to this data loss emergency, as well as your need for pro-active information to help you manage through this data loss disruption.

Call now at 6588 0261 to arrange for Free Emergency Collection and Free laboratory assessment of your problem media or, fill up the form and send/drop off your media to our Changi Business Park Laboratory, the only real registered ISO 9001-2000 laboratory in Singapore with a certified ISO 5 (Class 100) Clean Bench.

Upon receipt of your media, CBL's laboratory engineers will then inspect and diagnose the problems relating to your media. We will prepare a comprehensive lab report / quotation for you, complete with a firm price for the recovery of your data and an estimate of the time it will take.

Thank You For Choosing CBL Data Recovery. We Look Forward To Working With You.