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Social & Environmental Management Systems at CBL

In conjunction with IBM

As a long time service provider for both private and government sectors, CBL Data Recovery (CBL) fully complies with federally established social responsibility policies, such as nondiscrimination, child labor and minimum wage requirements. CBL ensures workers are treated with respect and dignity in a safe and healthy workplace.

With this context, CBL has developed and maintains an Environmental Management System (EMS) that mirrors the principles of the IBM’s Supplier Code of Conduct Principles and seeks opportunities to conserve natural resources.

1 Establish programs (within the management system) to control operations that intersect with these matters and confirm compliance with applicable law, regulation and any particular contractual requirements.

CBL is in compliance with laws, regulations and contractual requirements, and oversight is performed by our HR Management. We have written procedures to ensure social and environmental compliance with all laws.

2 Measure performance associated with significant environmental aspects where applicable and these common business aspects:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Waste Management

CBL has monitored purchase of Energy Star desktops, laptops and LCD monitors. Our Systems Analysts have the responsibility to continue to monitor and measure.

  • CBL ensures that all new IT procurements are Energy Star compliant
Energy Saving Practices
Waste Management& Recycling Practices
  • All hard drives and electronic components are disposed of through programs that aim to reduce landfill and export disposals and approved electronics recyclers.
  • Active recycling programs are in place for paper, cans, ink cartridges.

3 Goals are set to achieve positive results associated with significant aspects where applicable and include at a minimum one in each of the three aspects:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions
  • Waste Management
Energy Conservation
  • CBL aims to continue 100 per cent procurment of Energy Star desktops, laptops and LCD Monitors
  • CBL aims to reduce energy consumoption and electronic component
  • Re-use of electronic components and hard drive devices is encouraged when ever possible.

4 Public disclosure of results associated with these voluntary environmental goals and other environmental aspects from the management system, including any regulatory fines or penalties that may have occurred.

No regulatory fines or penalites have been incurred, but if we incur any, they will be publicly disclosed on our website.

5 Employee training for those responsible for performing this work

CBL raises employee awareness of our program and goals, while encouraging employees to become involved and offer their input on ways we can improve our EMS plan. Training information is shared via presentation media and details located in Employee handbook sections of our corporate intranet website.

6 Self-assessments, audits, and management reviews.

Members of management and staff conduct reviews of current goals and discuss further implementations in regular committee meetings.

7 Requirements are cascaded to our own suppliers that perform work that is material to the products, parts and/or services being supplied to IBM.

We share with our subcontractors notice of our EMS initiatives and materials through subcrontractor information resources made available on portal websites and communications.